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MAF 18-9-11

Kaoru: Luka Anti the Holic

Nakichii: Otoya Ittoki – Uta no Prince-sama

Manga Festival 2011

Wang Yao: Autumn Feelings

Mừng mùa thu – mùa đẹp nhất trong năm ~ yay ~ XD

Axis Powers Hetalia

Wang Yao : Autumn Feelings

KetsuRi as Wang Yao

Photographer & Reouch by  :iconstudiok2:

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Black Hetalia – Demo update

Axis Powers Hetalia

Based on art: [link]

JKo as Belarus
Raiku To as Germany
Nakichii as China
Mellysa as Russia

Photo: Skywalker :iconstudiok2:, Umidoll
Retouch: Mellysa